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About us

EMPO Agency launches businesses on world’s biggest trading platform — Amazon. The only agency in Ukraine which builds a turnkey Amazon business: from market analysis to investments return.

The crisis is a hard time for entrepreneurs. But with the development of e-commerce, we gain new opportunities. Our mission is to help businessmen enter more perspective markets of the USA and Europe, and this way develop the economics of their countries.  The innovative business model requires less time, lets you get revenue in a stable currency and work from anywhere on the planet.

Our clients are from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, USA, Canada, Germany. Borders don’t matter, we give services remotely.


Igor Bespalov, EMPO Agency founder, came through all the way of building Amazon business on his own in 2015. He faced many mistakes and the process of creating a listing took way too much time and money. That’s how he got an idea to share experience and help other entrepreneurs conquer Amazon.

The first service was the creation of Amazon listings: the creation of photos, texts, selecting keywords. In a year, the company grew from 7 employees to 42, and now we offer a whole range of launching on Amazon services: the analysis of market and selection of a product, supplier search and communication with him, design of product package, inserts and other materials, set of manufacturing, delivery of goods to the warehouse, listing creation and promotion on the platform.  

We have everything to create business:

Own inspectors in China

In-house photographer, models, studio and props

Warehouses in the USA

Trustworthy forwarders and manufacturers

Payoneer partnership

Experience of launching 34 businesses


People who know about Amazon more than Jeff Bezos himself:

Igor Bespalov — founder of EMPO Agency, founder of We_Challenge, Amazon-entrepreneur.








Alexandr Kruglyakovsky – CEO of EMPO Agency, Amazon-entrepreneur. In  EMPO company he’s responsible for the operational activity of the team which helps beginner online-sellers develop their international business.