Top 10 mistakes sellers make when creating listing images


Let’s admit that product images mean a lot for online business. For buyers, it’s kind of clothes by looking at which he defines whether to leave this page or stay. For the buyer, it’s a way to make his product look attractive and worth buying.

And now, ask yourself — do your images showcase all product advantages?

It’s a pity, but sellers often don’t pay enough attention to tips and recommendations for creating Amazon photos. In this article, we prepared a list of widespread mistakes which you shouldn’t make:

1. Rectangular photos, which look cut on a listing. Use only square images.



2. Scetch, illustration or 3D model of the product. Use only real photos.

3. Photos made by yourself. It’s better to use your photographer skills in leisure time, and delegate photos for business to professionals. It saves your time and money, as the sales will show.

4. Using images which don’t show the product idea. Answer the question: «How will I show my product in action and demonstrate its utility with the help of this picture?» For example, if you sell traveling pillows, don’t just place them on white background. Show the product in use, let people realize that with your pillow the trip will be more comfortable. Make it easy for a buyer to imagine himself as a product owner.

5. The product which is not ready for the photo session. It’s important to remember that photos show all flaws which aren’t visible when looking at the item in real life. Be attentive to detail.



6. Not well-thought photo session scenarios. Many people decide to buy because the product provokes emotions. If you sell products for children, use a thematic location and a baby model.



7. Using advertising text on images. Such words as “sale”, “delivery” and others are a violation of Amazon rules.

8. Don’t ignore infographics. Remember that most people are visuals. It’s easier for them to perceive information in pictures. Tell about your product’s pros using graphics.



9. Using stock photos from free servers. They are aesthetic, but not functional.

10. Bad visibility of product elements. If any of these elements aren’t visible in the main image, use macro photos. Don’t leave the buyer with any doubts regarding the look of your product.

And the last thing. Always remember your target audience. Depending on its interests, you’ll be able to make the best images.


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