Express Audit in 3 days

There is a lot of factors which influence the success of your Amazon business. A well-made listing, competitiveness of the product, loyalness to the brand and product. In 3 days EMPO specialists will make a complex analysis and audit of the product and will give recommendations on how to improve it.

What is included?

Analysis of niche and competitors

An overview of niche at most high frequency inquiries (used by users most often to find your product).
You’ll know: what are the turnovers of our competitors, how many goods and at what prices do they sell, the special features of types of product complectation, seasonality and trends for a product, strong sides of listings you could miss.

Listing analysis

Check if all listing elements if they are made according to Amazon requirements:
Texts: we check quality, if they are keyword-rich, the description of key product features, readability and quality of the text.
Photos: the availability of all advantages, the quality of infographics (with the accent on the absence of flaws competitors have), a search of selling and memorable photo scenarios based on niche overview.
Search terms: the analysis of indexation of all words, we give recommendations on how to increase listing traffic.

Analysis of loyalty elements

Based on competitor analysis we give recommendations on how to raise active client-orientation and review management: work on product reputation by commenting or minusing negative reviews. We give basic recommendation on demand management basing on conversion indicators and the number of listing sections.

Who is working on the project?
Project manager, Marketer


50+ particularly listings analyzed

45+ factors that are taken into account when auditing the listing


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Express Audit in 3 days






Olga Poltoratskaya

Before promotion I ordered listing from EMPO. I don’t consider myself as a marketing specialist, that’s why I’d better trust professionals who know the requirements of Amazon buyers. I wanted to get a high-quality listing from the first time, to manage promotion instead of fixing product page.


Petr Zelentsov

The main thing is that I’m very pleased with the final result. I tell everyone I’m communicating with that I’ve ordered EMPO listing and though it’s not cheap, it’s worth it. If we count, you can order a listing from Indians at nearly $100, then make photos for $50, and upload on Amazon, you’ll spend nearly $150-$200, but it will look on this money. But if you do maximally cool and professionally, then you need to contact such companies as EMPO.

A full interview with Petr Zelentsov in a video review:


Ilya Zotov

I decided to write a review about a well-done listing from EMPO Agency. First, they are nice guys, a friendly team!!! A special gratitude to Alina and Alexandra!!!
Now about the work done. I have a big question with photos, as I needed to take photos of the sample in action. Most of my competitors seem to be copying photos from each other. My photos are the best and I differ from competitors. Bullets and descriptions were proofread by the native speaker. And, of course, they selected keywords. I rank for all keywords!!!
The package included 20 product reviews. Now girls are solving the problem, searching the variants, and I’m sure that I’ll get the reviews!!! Everything made exactly in10 days (as the promised). Will definitely order the next listing from EMPO!!!


Anton Nesterenko

Ordered listing from Igor Bespalov, I’m very satisfied.
Guys made me a sweet candy, which constantly sells, and thanks for that. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than ordering separately, but I saved plenty of time. I had to find a photographer, designer, copywriter, native speaker for proofreading, select keywords, give detailed tasks to everyone, control. Damn. I understood, that it’s better to pay professionals and start selling sooner, than doing that stuff for another month.
About giveaways. I gave 65 items in Amanda’s group, Tomoson, and AMZ tracker. Gained nearly 45 reviews stayed pleased with the result. Was giving at a price $1 per item and lost $300. Just to understand you may have expenses.
Giveaways also helped me realize that it’s better to do the other way. I quickly gave a lot of items away, got a hell of a rating with BSR 3000. But as there were almost no sales, I dropped down to 500 000. What to do? We give away 20 items. Wait for the first 10-15 reviews, or better 20-25, give other items, get a rating, sty to catch and cure sales at this stage.