How to set and use Amazon Giveaway


Amazon Giveaway is an opportunity to make giveaways for Amazon buyers. Anyone who has a link to a giveaway can fulfill the condition and become a participant. There can be one winner or more.

How to take part in Amazon Giveaway.

  • Follow an author. This option is best for book sellers. People who subscribe to the author’s page will be receiving notifications about his updates and publications;
  • Follow a Twitter account. Amazon likes to cooperate with Twitter and drive traffic from this social network. That’s why you may ask people to subscribe to your brand’s Twitter page to take part in the giveaway;
  • Tweet a message. It’s a great way to quickly spread information among potential buyers. You make up a tweet text by yourself;
  • Посмотреть видео в Amazon Video Shorts. Принять участие в розыгрыше смогут все, кто посмотрел от 30 секунд до 2х минут;
  • Watch a video on Amazon Video Shorts. Everyone who watches the video from 30 seconds to 2 minutes can take part in the giveaway;
  • Fill out a questionnaire. It’s composed by a seller, the format is a question and 2-5 answer options. You may allow choosing more than one answer.

From the conditions of participation in Amazon Giveaway, it’s easy to define its goals.

This tool is used to:

  • Increase the number of Twitter followers. If you use this channel effectively, it becomes a great source of traffic. Besides, Amazon “likes” Twitter traffic more than Facebook. Увеличения количества подписчиков в Twitter.
  • Increase sales. The more people learn about your products and company, the more potential buyers you have. To achieve this goal you can choose the participation condition tweeting a message and write in it about discounts. Or create a viral video which participants will be likely to share with friends.
  • Customer research. If you ask people to answer a questionnaire to become participants, it’s a great chance to get more information about your customers. It may help you realize what products to add, what to change in existing ones or what positioning to choose.

Not to mention that if you give away your own product, you’ll get plus one consumer who may tell the others about the product.

As you see, Amazon Giveaway is an interesting and necessary tool. Let’s find out how to use it.

Step 1.

Selecting the item for giveaway. It can be any product from Amazon catalog which has a “Set up a giveaway” button on the listing. You can select your own product as well. At first, you have to make all products from your catalog available for giveaway. To do it, go to Settings > Fulfillment by Amazon > Giveaway Settings > Enable giveaways for all products. Keep in mind, that if this function is on, any seller will be able to buy and give away your item.

Step 2.

Press the button and you’ll be transferred to “Set up a giveaway” menu. Select the number of prizes (1-30) and giveaway type:

  • Sweepstakes — random choice of the winner after the expiration of the giveaway;
  • Random instant win — randomly selected winners, the number is defined by the seller. For example, 3 of 9 people win;
  • Lucky Number Instant Win — every participant with a certain number wins. For example, every third participant is a winner;
  • First-come, First-served — those who are the first ones to submit participation win. For instance, the first three participants get a prize.

Step 3.

Next, select the entry requirements which were described before. After this, set giveaway duration, from 1 to 7 days.

Step 4.

There’s an opportunity to offer a discount to participants who won or lost, or all of them. To do it, enter Promotion ID in the special field. You can also make the giveaway public, which means Amazon will place it on its pages and offer visitors to take part. Vice versa, you can set invitation-only access.

Step 5.

Next stage is giveaway design. Set up the giveaway name, host name, company logo, write a welcome message which will show after the participation is confirmed, a text for winners and losers.

Step 6.

Next, select a payment method and finish the giveaway set. After confirmation, you’ll receive an e-mail that Amazon is checking giveaway details. You usually have to wait for up to 6 hours till the giveaway starts.

Step 7.

After confirming the giveaway, Amazon sends an e-mail in which you’ll see a link to take part in the giveaway. You can check the status on Your Giveaways page. If nobody wins the prize, Amazon will give your money back.

Launching the giveaway is only a half of the work. To make it effective, you need to spread information about the offer and attract the maximum target audience.

How to effectively use Amazon Giveaway:

  • Select a high-demand product;
  • If the demand is low, make a discount more than 50%;
  • Launch a 7-day giveaway so that more people can participate;
  • “Heat” the audience in social networks before the giveaway starts;
  • Launch an e-mail newsletter with information about the giveaway;
  • Make attractive images for the design of the giveaway page;
  • Spread information about the giveaway on special public pages and groups on Facebook and Twitter.

Amazon Giveaway is a tool to achieve many purposes: from rising sales to collecting consumer info. The main this is to set up the giveaway correctly and think of its promotion in advance.


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