The right of choice: what are the client responsibilities when ordering services of international online business development


EMPO offers two cardinally different approaches to the launch and development of business on international online trading marketplaces.

The first one is stage by stage, namely, separate services with fixed results at every stage. We are responsible for achieving these results.

The second one is the turnkey launch with the creation of a business plan and forecast of product profitability. At the moment we don’t accept clients for turnkey launches as the resources of our specialists are limited and this complex service takes 22 months: from the moment of product research to the return of investments. But now you can book an order and as soon as we have resources, you’ll be the first one offered to cooperate with us.

Of course, turnkey launch consists of all the stages and you may think that ordering stage by stage services is the same as the turnkey launch.

Let’s figure out why it’s not like that.

The difference between a complex turnkey launch and separate services:

Turnkey launchSeparate service
KPIA business on international online marketplace and the return of investmentsAccomplishing a separate goal with one service. For instance, increasing product position in search results as a result of the Vortex service.
Role in the processClosed cycle which includes all the necessary stagesIs a part of product lifecycle on Amazon — is valuable only in complex with other services
Making a decision about the need to use the serviceBy EMPO experts based on the operative indicators of business development, according to business planBy client based on his own experience, knowledge and business plan
Responsibility for profitabilityEMPO company, according to the contract with clientA client controls the expenses and income of the business by himself. He makes decisions regarding the potential profitability of the certain investments in the development or launch.
Result estimationReturn of investments in time, the project profitability mentioned in the contractThe achievement in the quality parameters of the service mentioned in the contract


As you can see, when ordering separate services a company doesn’t do business planning and isn’t responsible for you getting profit from your product. When giving certain services chosen by a client, we can’t forecast which factors are included in the prime cost of the product and what is the quality of the item. Just as when buying the plane ticket, you are the one responsible for having the necessary visa, costs on an account, free places in a hotel.

As the success of the business on international online marketplaces like Amazon is defined by the row of factors — from well-selected niche, high-quality product inspection to uncontrollable factors. Like dumping by competitors or hijacking.

When analyzing the goods of our clients, we always have analysis beforehand — will this service be effective in a certain situation — and give our recommendations. But the final word says the client as he is the business owner.


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