Amazon package requirements


You have chosen the product, developed a business plan, came up with the brand name? Well, your approach to the product package should be as serious. It influences whether Amazon will accept your product and in what condition the buyer will receive it.

A package should be made according to the internal Amazon rules and the laws of the country you’re selling in. Breaking these rules is one of the most widespread reasons for product returns.

To avoid mistakes, you should separate the process into three parts: branding, marking, and transportation.


Amazon is not only a trading platform but also a wide range of warehouses. The company treats marking seriously when accepting goods not to lose anything and to guarantee the delivery in time.

For the package, you may use thermo stencil, polyethylene bags, and carton boxes. The main rule is to place FNSKU code on it which helps to identify the product. Without it, Amazon won’t accept the product. You can get FNSKU after creating a shipment in Seller Central:





For the product to pass distributing centers without problems, take into account the following Amazon requirements for the package:

  • The warning on polyethylene bags about the possible suffocation;
  • Information should be like in product description;
  • Individual package for every product;
  • One box should have 150 items maximum;
  • The maximum weight of one box is 21 kilogram;
  • Mention the manufacturer country;
  • Barcode not damaged.

You can see all the package requirements on Amazon website.

Make a rule to inspect goods and check markings before sending it. Also, you can order a standard Amazon package which complies with all the rules already. Didn’t apply barcodes? You can use the FBA Label Service.


Amazon parcels travel all over the world. Even the toughest product may be damaged on the road. Seller reputation depends on the condition of the product his buyer receives. To avoid complaints and refunds, make the package durable and hermetic.

Speaking of carton package, only three-layer carton withstands serious loads. Such package saves the product from deformation when falling. Polyethylene bags shouldn’t tear during the smallest contact with sharp objects. The right package withstands temperature switches.

Place special warning stickers on boxes with fragile goods, and take care of the fixation of all the moving details. For the additional protection of the package, you can use plastic corners.

The protection from the opening is just as important:

  • Use bags and boxes which don’t open without visible damage;
  • Pack the goods using a scotch with branded images. After opening this package it’s impossible to pack it back;
  • Weight the package on each transportation stage. If the weight reduced, make an examination.


Apart from protecting function, a package also advertises. And if made correctly, it:

  • influences the decision to buy;
  • attracts new customers;
  • tells about the seller.

Grey boxes don’t have this opportunity. That’s why take care of the development of good package design.

While working with Amazon it’s important to take into account the smallest nuances, And the package isn’t an exception. It’s important to have the right approach to its quality.


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