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How to add emoji to Amazon listing


Right now Amazon faces a new trend — using emoji in product descriptions. As not everyone still knows how to do it, this method hasn’t become so widespread yet. So with the help of it, your listing can stand out from the others.

How and where to add emoji

If we consider different elements of a listing, you can add emoji to the following places:

  • Bullets

Smiles look best at the beginning of each point. Just copy the icon and insert in the edit mode of the listing in Seller Central (Manage inventory>Edit>Description). That’s how the ready variant looks:


*the screenshot is made when we tested different emoji. In fact, we recommend using the same icon at the beginning of all bullets

  • Description

The procedure is the same as with the bullets. The description looks well if it’s divided into blocks with a thematic icon at the beginning of each one. To insert emoji, go to Manage inventory>Edit>Description.

  • Promotions

You can add smiles when creating a promotion on Step 3 in the following fields:

  1. Detail page display text
  2. Short display text
  3. Checkout display text

эмоджи на листинг

Checkout display text shows on the last stage of ordering — checkout. Short display text shows in the search results and also on the top of the listing on the right next to images (if you click on “Applicable Promotions” button).

эмоджи амазон листинг

The text from “Detail page display text” field shows on a listing in the “Special offers and promotions” block:

эмоджи описание амазон

In what cases emoji aren’t appropriate?

If you’re selling lights for the offroader and insert heart icons in the listing. Or adding sun icons to the description of a toolbox.

For many categories adding emoji can be a sign of lack of professionalism. That’s why analyze both the look of smiles (there are reserved check marks and red kisses) and their number (too many emoji irritates, even if it’s in Facebook posts of your friends, let alone the Amazon listing).

Emoji are used to differ from competitors, so in the niches with low competition, you simply don’t need them. On the other hands, in popular niches like Beauty or Supplements smiles are a great way to stand out.

Pro tip: Check the places where emoji are shown from time to time. Amazon can suddenly stop displaying your smile and there will be a square with a question mark instead. If it happens, replace the icon with another one. And check the listing on different devices and operational systems.

Analyze your target audience, estimate the overall look of the listing and the viability of placing smiles. Only after that decide whether to make changes or not.


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