5 lifehacks on handling product returns


For most Amazon sellers refunds are one of the most unpleasant parts of managing a business. Nobody wants to get his product back and give money for it. Still, they are an inevitable part of online trading and now we’ll tell you how to optimize this process.

1. Keep Amazon notification letter about the refund

When a client initiates a return of a product ordered using Prime Shipping, Amazon is immediately returning his costs and doesn’t wait till the product is returned. After this, you get a message that the refund was made from your account. Keep this notification to make sure that the customer did return the product in 45 days.
If you find out that the product hasn’t been returned within 45 days, ask Amazon for a refund.

2. Contact a buyer

No matter if the client has left a review or not, contacting him personally and apologizing for his negative experience is a good idea.
The message can be like this:
«Amazon notified me, that you want to return product X. I am very sorry that it didn’t meet your expectations. As is was a Prime Order, Amazon has to immediately refund your order and I make sure the return is successful. I would like to know if I can do something to make the situation better. Thank you for taking time to read this message and have a nice day».
Sometimes such letter is enough to prevent the customer from leaving a negative review. If he left it anyway, such message can reduce customer’s dissatisfaction and persuade him to delete a review.

3. Control the check of your product by Amazon warehouse

If the specialist finds out that the customer has opened the product, he’ll make the product as “customer damaged” and you won’t be able to sell it anymore. if the product was returned because of a defect, you won’t be able to sell it. But if the warehouse worker sees that the customer didn’t open the product, the package isn’t damaged, and it’s not marked as defective, you’ll be allowed to sell it.

4. Always find out the reason for product return, defined on warehouse

You can request a report by following the algorithm:
Log in Seller Central, in the «Reports» section choose «Fulfillment», then «Customer Concessions», and go to «Returns».
You can launch a report for 30-60 days, depends on how long time ago the refund happened. If you didn’t find the product in the report, ask about the return reason using Amazon ticket.

5. Examine returned products

The buyers can mention different return reasons, including “ordered accidentally”, “not necessary anymore”, “not sanctioned purchase”, “doesn’t match description”, “wrong item shipped”, “defective” and others. Sometimes the buyer mentions “defect” reason only not to pay for the return delivery. If your item was returned for this reason, check if it really is faulty. If after personal inspection you find out that it’s okay, contact Seller Support and you’ll probably be offered a refund.

By following these tips, you’ll handle returns easily and protect your account from bans.


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